“Today there is a new star in the heavens.

Acknowledge the gift of love they have given you.” 






About a year or two ago we started having people stop by our display table and ask if we made Remembrance Urns.  We are getting many more requests today than before so we are now creating (as Special Orders) Remembrance Urns for your loved ones.  Each urn is created specifically to your wishes and specifications.  We work with either stoneware or porcelain depending on your wishes.  All details are up to you.




Abigail AKA Ginger Rogers (Fred Astair’s dancing partner in the movies).  So named because Ginger had beautiful long legs.  Abigail came in a bit short in that department.  But in the department of personality she shined and won everyone over.

This urn was made for a beautiful Dalmation.  We were a bit unsure if the color would be absolutely correct.  The owner loved it.  Done in porcelain it will be used indoors only.

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It would be my pleasure to discuss your idea and see if it would have “legs”.  Nothing gets me more excited than a new challenge.  So when you have an idea please give me a call at the number listed below.  I would love to hear from you.  Whether it would be a remodel, a special gift, or any idea you may have please contact me with the information below.

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