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Large Stoneware Mountain Bowl

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Each item on this page is made of Stoneware.  Terry formulates all of his own glazes insuring their food safety and durability.  This is only a sampling of items he makes.  People always ask him if they can use the product safely in the microwave.  Please be assured that you can use this product in the microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher.

You may notice that each item has a Red Rim around the top.  This is Terry’s trademark.  Also please be aware that these are just photos of finished products.  Color choice of any item you would like him to make is your choice.  

Butter Dish w/Lid
(8″ diameter x 3″ Depth)


Serving Trays
(1- 10″ diameter)
(1- 12″ diameter)



Cereal Bowls
(Set of 4)


Pie Plate
(12″ diameter)


In this lower section we are proud to display some of Terry’s largest and most difficult pieces he creates.  Each photo will be with two bowls to help give you perspective as to size.  The small bowl at the top of each photo has a 10″ diameter.  As with all of his Stoneware products they are totally utilitarian and food safe.  
Mountain Bowl
(15″ Diameter x 5.5″ depth)
Dark Green Bowl
(13″ diameter x 4″ depth)
Lite Green Bowl
(14.5″ diameter x 3.5″ depth)
Turquoise Bowl
(13″ diameter x 4″ depth)
Lite Green Pie Plate
(12″ diameter)
Plate or Tray
(11″ diameter)

Mountain Bowl
(15″ diameter x 5.5″ depth)

Lite Green Tray
(12.5″ diameter)

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